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Explore Iran's History with the Timeline Iran Podcast

Updated: Apr 16

A Passion Project: Over Two Decades in the Making

Kalhor's fascination with Iranian history is a driving force. For over 20 years, he has meticulously researched and compiled information for this project. The Timeline Iran Podcast is a testament to this dedication, featuring in-depth interviews with a diverse array of experts. Listeners gain insights from renowned academics, historians, politicians, and authorities on Iranian history and culture.

Navigating a Tumultuous Century

The podcast focuses on Iran's intricate 20th century. From the Constitutional Revolution that challenged absolute rule, to the devastation of World War I, the podcast unpacks pivotal moments.

Witnessing Dynasties Rise and Fall

Timeline Iran chronicles the fall of the Qajar Dynasty, the rise of Reza Shah Pahlavi and his Pahlavi dynasty. It explores the impact of World War II on Iran and the forced abdication of Reza Shah.

Examining National Movements and Political Upheaval

The podcast dissects the rise of nationalism with the nationalization movement led by Mohammad Mossadegh. It analyzes his subsequent overthrow through the infamous CIA-MI6 coup. The podcast also explores the reign of the Shah and his eventual downfall, leading to the rise of the Islamic Republic.

Bobak Kalhor interviews Firouzeh Sabet Kashani in New York City for Timeline Iran Podcast
Bobak Kalhor interviews Firouzeh Sabet Kashani in New York

Objectivity and Multiple Perspectives

Timeline Iran strives for a balanced and neutral approach to history. Interviews feature guests with a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints, allowing listeners to form their own informed opinions.

Uncovering Hidden Stories

This podcast doesn't shy away from shedding light on lesser-known narratives. Timeline Iran exposes previously unheard stories about Iran's past, offering a fresh perspective on this captivating history.

Bobak Kalhor interviews Yann Richard in Joncy, France for Timeline Iran Podcast
Bobak Kalhor interviews Yann Richard in Joncy, France

Farsi and English: Reaching a Global Audience

The podcast caters to a diverse audience with interviews conducted in both Farsi and English. Whether you're a native Farsi speaker or an enthusiast from anywhere in the world, Timeline Iran has something to offer.

A Bridge to the Future: Inspiring New Works

Timeline Iran Podcast is much more than just an audio series. It serves as the foundation for Bobak Kalhor's next project: a television or film script that will bring Iranian 20th-century history to life on a grander scale.

Ready to embark on this captivating exploration of Iranian history?

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