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Timeline Iran Podcast on Podbean

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Discover the Hidden Depths of Iran. Timeline Iran is a captivating podcast that explores the complex history and current affairs of Iran. Hosted by Bobak Kalhor, the show delves into the country’s rich past, untold stories, and diverse perspectives. With in-depth interviews with experts across the political spectrum – including monarchists, Islamic thinkers, democrats, socialists, communists, and constitutionalists – Timeline Iran helps you develop a nuanced understanding of this fascinating nation. Key Features: • Uncover Iran’s past and present: Journey through ancient empires to modern-day transformations. • Hear untold stories: Gain unique insights into Iranian society and politics. • Gain diverse viewpoints: Explore perspectives from across the political landscape. • Understand a complex nation: Develop a well-rounded understanding of Iran. Building on Decades of Expertise Bobak Kalhor brings 25 years of research into the recent history of Iran to this insightful podcast. His documentary ”The Dying King” offered groundbreaking revelations on the Shah’s illness and death. Timeline Iran is the continuation of his tireless dedication to uncovering the truth about this enigmatic country.

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